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Here at Cambridge Country Club in Bourn we are proud to be an HSBC Golf Roots Golf Foundation Accredited Centre. We have an active Junior Section which is very popular with both boys & girls. Membership starts at just £30 per year, so why not join our thriving junior community?


Our Junior Stags section is for beginners and younger golfers and makes for a fun introduction to golf including weekly coaching and competitions. The focus is very much on enjoyment, fun and making friends. The Junior Stags is run by our PGA Professionals, Joel Rickard and Sam Balaam. Details as follows:

Coaching from 5-14 years old/beginner golfers.

Coaching sessions: Saturday 9.00 to 15.00. Visit for all the details.

Cost: £30 per year to join the Stags programme. This gives the Stag access to coaching, our practice facilities and an annual passport with some goodies inside! The cost per Saturday is £10 payable on a roll up basis. We also have regular Par 3 competitions, holiday camps and play in the Golf Foundation GolfSixes league!

Our Senior Stags is run by Accredited PGA Professional Joel Rickard. This is aimed at the intermediate/advanced junior player who is looking to progress their game to the next level. This coaching class is run in continuity with the Junior Stags. It is part of a structured pathway for junior development and helps bridge the gap to becoming full junior members.

Full junior membership is also available as a progression route. This will allow access to the course, enable them to an official handicap and play in competitions. Junior membership is only £160 for under 14s and £210 for under 18s.

To find out more or to register, email us at

Click here to meet Our Coaches

Information for Junior Members & Parents

At CCC we are aware that not all parents and juniors will be familiar with the logistics involved for getting out of the course and integrating into the community. Below are some basic guidelines and useful email contacts.

Playing the course

To play the course you need to book a tee time. We use a system called ESP. The named parent should have been sent a login credentials. Please check you email (including spam). If you have not received these login credentials, please email

Supervised and unsupervised playing

Juniors can play the course with their parents as long as their parents are aware of basic golf etiquette to ensure that pace of play is maintained. If a parent is unsure of the etiquette they can ask for help from one of our PGA Professionals who will happily have an informal conversation with them to put them at ease.

A junior can play unsupervised if they are

  1. 14 years old and with a handicap they have secured from the red, yellow or white tees OR;
  2. Under 14 years old with a handicap they have secured from the red, yellow or white tees but accompanied by someone who is 14 years or older and with permission from the under 14 year olds parent OR;
  3. With permission from one of our PGA Professionals

For help or assistance from one of PGA Professionals email

Finding other junior playing partners

Making golf friends requires a little bit of effort on the part of the junior and improving socialisation skills is one of the many wonderful life skills we believe golf teaches. A junior can make golf friends by:

  1. Attending Stags coaching sessions and then asking their parents to exchange contact details
  2. Attending junior competitions, where they may be drawn with juniors they do not know

Getting a handicap

To get a handicap a junior must complete 54 holes. This can be completed in blocks of 9 holes and/or 18 holes. A scorecard must be marked by someone responsible, eg a parent or another adult or a fellow junior who has the requisite knowledge and understanding. When the junior has obtained the required number of scorecards they then post them in the handicap box in the spikes bar. The handicap secretary will then collect the cards and give the junior a handicap. Once a junior has a handicap they will be able to register for competitions and track progress using an app called HowDidIDo (HDID).

For further advice on handicaps you can email our handicap secretary at

Playing in competitions

Juniors cannot play in adult competitions until they have a handicap they have obtained from the red, yellow or white tees. Entry to adult competitions is through HDID.

Juniors can play junior competitions whether or not they have a handicap. If they do not have a handicap then the competition round will be one of the contributing cards. As they cannot enter a competition on HDID without a handicap they do so by contacting the Pro Shop. We would also ask juniors who do have a handicap to contact the Pro Shop so we can keep track of tee time allocations.

When are the competitions?

All competitions can be accessed via HDID. If you have not got a handicap, you cannot access Club V1 so you will need to email the Pro Shop at and will give you the dates.

Once a junior obtains a handicap they will also be able to see upcoming competitions through HDID. For further questions about competitions please email our competition secretary at

For more detailed information, including dress code, marking a card and lots more please download our Junior Handbook: CCC Junior Handbook


Junior Competitions 2024

Below is a list of all junior competitions for 2023. Entry to these via (HowDidIDo) HDID will become available 3 weeks before the competition date. The Pro Shop will also email all juniors 3 weeks before the competition date. Entry for all junior competitions is £12.00


6th – Junior Medal

21st – Junior Stableford



4th – Junior Medal

17th – Junior Stableford



9th – Junior Medal

24th – Junior Stableford



13th – Junior Medal

21st – Junior Stableford



5th – Junior Medal

19th – Junior Stableford



1st – Junior Medal

23rd – Junior Stableford


13th – Junior Medal

28th – Junior Captains Day



3rd – Junior Medal

18th – Junior Stableford



14th – Junior Stableford

29th – Junior Championship



12th – Junior Medal

27th Junior Stableford



2nd – Junior Medal

16th – Junior Stableford



7th – Junior Medal

14th – Junior Stableford