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OneBody Physiotherapy TreatmentS

Sports Massage (30 minutes) £35 • Physiotherapy Initial Assessment (30 minutes) £75

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Peripheral Joint Mobilisations

Joint mobilisations are an extremely effective technique used by Physiotherapists to improve joint range of movement, mobility and reduce joint pain. Mobilisations can be effective after a range of problems such as injury, or following surgery, or removal of casts and braces, and general stiffness from disease such as osteoarthritis.

Spinal mobilisations

Spinal Mobilisation techniques are utilised by physiotherapists as a non-invasive, effective technique for back and neck problems. By mobilising the spinal segments identified through the assessment process, they aim to reduce and relieve pain, increase joint range of movement and return normal function.

Soft Tissue Release Techniques

Overactive muscles can be painful in certain areas or their entirety and often present as shortened or “tight”.  This muscular dysfunction can cause reduced range of movement, lack of mobility and/or pain throughout the body.  Several techniques can be utilised to alleviate tension and pain in muscles. These techniques can also be used pre sport to enhance performance; and post sport to aid recovery.


Acupuncture originates from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to treat medical conditions. Physiotherapists registered with the Acupuncture Association of Physiotherapists (AACP) are highly trained professionals in the treatment technique of acupuncture.  Often using a combination of techniques, including TCM by placing fine needles into carefully identified soft tissue structures in the body along meridians or channels, which are believed to improve the body’s balance and reduce pain and medical imbalances.  TCM is often combined with a more western medicine approach as a method to normalise soft tissues that have become problematic, such as trigger points.


Weakness and imbalance in muscles can cause dysfunction and result in problems and pain. A specific programme of tailored strengthening can improve function, reduce the stress on joints and help prevent injury from occurring.


Pilates aims to enable you to become more aware and in control of your core stabilising muscles to create a synergy between the postural muscles that should support and protect the spine, and muscles that move the rest of your body. By identifying and correcting dysfunctional movement and activation patterns between postural and mobilising muscles, dysfunction and therefore pain throughout the body can be reduced.  Our Physiotherapists may use Pilates exercises as part of your treatment and can then refer on into specific classes held at the Club which will be tailored to groups such as Low Back Pain and Pilates for Golfers.

Taping / Strapping

Joints and soft tissues can be supported or offloaded with a variety of taping techniques which can provide short term relief of pain.  This alleviation of pain obviously gives relief and can reduce irritation and facilitate healing.


Ultrasound is a form of electrotherapy than stimulates and facilitates healing of soft tissues.  This can be a useful form of treatment for soft tissue injuries (muscle, tendons and ligaments).

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