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Discover Our Sublet Guarantee

We’re thrilled to introduce our sublet guarantee at Cambridge Country Club. This means your investment yield is guaranteed for the first two years. You can earn up to £25,000 per year, totalling to an impressive £50,00 for two years! With a guaranteed return of 8%. That’s just the base level of earnings for this guarantee, you can earn even more all while being able to enjoy 10 weeks of holiday per year for you and your family to use.

Maximum Return On Your Investment

Enjoy zero service fees for the first two years of subletting – meaning you won’t be charged any service fees, ensuring your maximum return on your investment. We are proud to partner up with industry experts like Hoseasons to provide excellent subletting support.

Our commitment reaches further than guaranteed returns – we aim to exceed your expectations, allowing you to earn even higher returns on your investment.


How Does It Work?

With our sublet guarantee, you have:

  • 10 weeks per year to utilise your lodge
  • Select key dates which work for you
  • Guarantee a minimum occupancy rate of 80% (across the remaining weeks of the year)


Sublet Income Example

Select Your Weeks


August (4), July (4) Christmas/ New Year (2) and May half term (1)




April (4), May (3), June (4), September (4), October (4) and February half term (1)




November (4), December (2), January (4), February (3), March (4) – 4 weeks that have been added to low